Arammu will work closely with you and your staff to custom design a training program specifically for your clinicians and customers. Each area has their own set of relationship challenges, so we want your clinicians to be set up for success.


We are always looking for exceptional new clinicians to add to our network. As a trained Arammu Clinician you will be able to recruit your own clients and have access to our couple database. It’s a great way to fill out your weekly schedule and expand your client base. Once you are certified it will be as simple as logging in, setting your availability, and meeting with clients using our HIPAA certified web conferencing software.

Through webinars or in-person training, we'll run two 4-hour training sessions for all interested clinicians. Training will cover the theories, methods, and approaches that we've spent 18 years perfecting. We will also provide training on our website including how to access and use the automation tools. After participating in the training clinicians will have the opportunity to offer a supervised checkup and, upon approval,  receive Arammu Certification. All certified clinicians will be added to our website as approved providers.

Arammu staff will provide a clinician checkup within the first six months of operation to make sure that the checkups are as effective as possible.

We have set our pricing so that this is an investment into your clinicians. It is the intention that most Checkup providers will make back the cost of the training within the first six months. 

Depending on the format of our training and the number of attendees, prices may change. Please contact our sales team for specific quotes on training and certification.

For each Checkup that you run, Arammu will compensate you for your time and expertise.