The Relationship Checkup

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older couple coffee shop.jpg

The Relationship Checkup


By participating in the Relationship Checkup you are taking the first step towards a healthy and vibrant relationship. The Checkup was developed as a fun, easy, proactive approach to increasing happiness and preventing distress in romantic relationships. 


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 Your Relationship Checkup Includes:

  1. Online Survey

    • A brief and fun questionnaire to assess the strengths and concerns within your relationship.

  2. The Checkup (60 minutes)

    • Virtually meet with an expert relationship consultant to explore the facets of your relationship.

  3. Personalized Summary

    • You will receive a personalized summary for your relationship, including an array of options for working through your concerns and continuing to take exceptional care of your relationship.


Once you have signed up we will email you and your partner a link to the survey. Once you've both completed the online survey you will schedule your Checkup with one of our trained relationship consultants.  The Checkup will be done virtually using our HIPAA certified video conferencing program.

*Reimbursement forms and reciepts are available upon request.