As a society, it seems like we've given in to the fact that marriage is a 50/50 shot. Many couples never get married because of this stat. But we believe that with preventative maintenance, more couples will last and stay together. Currently, stressed couples only seek help after a relationship has experienced extreme stress. Our research supports the notion that preventative maintenance, like an annual checkup, can help reduce relationship stress in increase relationship health. Vibrant relationships require regular attention, and just as we check in on our physical and dental health, we can use that same idea to attend to our intimate relationships.  

The Checkup

The Relationship Checkup is based on 18 years of federally funded clinical research guiding it towards our goal of successfully intervening early in relationships to give couples tools and techniques to help prevent deterioration and manage their stressors in a healthy way, together. Randomized clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of the Checkup for improving relationship health, depressive symptoms, and diminishing the incidence of divorce.

The Relationship Checkup helps you to increase a sense of intimacy and connection between you and your partner. The Checkup works with you to discover your greatest strengths as partners, as well as any areas of your relationship that could be made even stronger.  It also helps you to identify any areas of concern so you can protect your relationship health in the long run.  The Checkup provides you with detailed and useful feedback specifically tailored to your relationship.  Our goal is to empower you with information about the health of your relationship and provide you with specific suggestions to help you keep your relationship strong and healthy for life.