Our ASMR Day in the Office - Embracing Something Different


Tatiana, our COO, came in today with….laryngitis. This caused her to whisper exclusively. It reminded me a lot of a genre of YouTube video called ASMR. What is ASMR? It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, basically, the tingles. Definitely check out YouTube for some… interesting videos of people whispering, tapping their nails on things, scratching stuff, etc.

But this soon gave way to a larger discussion. Why did I know about ASMR culture? Was it a fetish? Have I recorded one? I saw it a while ago on Vice news or some blog. Not a fetish, but I did find it a very interesting sub-culture. In fact, most ASMR personalities claim that it is not sexual in any way. And no, I haven’t recorded one, but I totally would!


In an office setting, there’s a great opportunity to learn about all sorts of cultures, events, and interests that you may have never heard about. Sometimes it’s a great TV show, a new spice or recipe, a holiday you’ve never celebrated, etc.

We recommend using these little nuggets as a way to bond and engage on a deeper level with a coworker. For all you know, you might have stumbled upon a new favorite activity.


As far as personal relationships, discovering a partner’s “weird thing they like that no one knows about” can be incredibly intimate. I suggest embracing whatever their thing is — as long as it’s consensual and non-harmful. Generally, it’s best not to leave these things buried deep in the dark left to fester until it becomes a thorn in the relationship.

Stay open to new experiences, big or small, in the office or in relationships. You never know when something as little as laryngitis will lead you down a rabbit hole into a new and interesting world of ASMR (or something else).